You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

I simply can’t get enough of Adam Sandler regardless of the film’s quality. I’m not sure what it is, even in a film’s most unfunny or even gross out moments, there’s just something about Adam Sandler that makes me smile. You get this feeling of genuine warmth that radiates from his eyes.

I honestly wasn’t expecting much more than a cheap laugh from the latest installment, “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan” about Israeli’s most decorated counter-terrorist agent and Mariah Carey’s biggest fan, who secretly longs to be a hairdresser. The man’s ridiculous human strength and agility make him an irreplaceable asset to the Israelis. I just couldn’t get enough of the trailers where he was swimming and catching up to a jet ski or surfing on the roof of live road traffic.

Zohan finally gives in to his greatest desire by faking his death and coming to New York, posing as a mixed-race man of Tibetan and Australian heritage despite his thick Jewish accent, calling himself Scrappy Coco and donning a new haircut. Despite being the most decorated counter-terrorist he faces considerable obstacles becoming a hairdresser due to his lack of experience. Suddenly, Israel’s greatest secret weapon is fighting the demons of self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy.

In the end he finally gets a break, despite all resistance, sweeping floors at a hair salon on the Palestinian side of town. When devious landlords start crowding out tenants and the hair salon starts losing key employees, Scrappy finally gets his big break to finally make the world “silky smooth”. He quickly becomes the favorite of old ladies as he gives them great haircuts and free sex, causing business to boom for the first time in the hair salon’s history.

Of course, such happiness can last so long as Zohan’s enemies from his military days catch up to his new life and Zohan develops erectile dysfunction as he falls in love with Dahlia, the very hot Palestinian owner of his hair salon.

I really liked the film because it was mindless entertainment from finish to start while taking serious stabs at Middle Eastern stereotypes and Israeli-Arab relations. While some people find Zohan’s “servicing” of older women offensive I thought it was Adam Sandler’s own twisted expression of the right of older women to be treated and thought of as women and not the remnants thereof. It may not be Sandler’s best film but I’d say it’s far from worse.

You Don’t Mess with the Zohan