Yahoo Does Acquisitions Right, Can Google Do the Same?

This article at ReadWriteWeb reminds me of something I’ve been meaning to write. Despite the organizational woes of the mother ship, Yahoo’s done a really good job of growing their acquisitions. I was initially worried when I saw some of my favorites like and Flickr getting acquired but everything has improved whether it be the design, functionality, or bandwidth. Aside from that little controversy about merging Flickr and Yahoo! IDs back in the day, I really don’t recall the community crying in protest over the direction of development.

Google’s acquisition gives me flashbacks of 1999 and they’ve let some of their aquisitions languish or go under the radar indefinitely (remember MeasureMap). I think it also shows with the progress of improvements in both integrated acquisitions like Google Analytics or original properties like GMail.

Looking at some of the grumbling coming from within Google, I think we’re starting to see a storm brew. Unfortunately, Google is looking more and more like MicroSoft. I think having a virtual monopoly will do it to you no matter what mantra you chant. Any company with revenues that large will more likely turn into a giant corporate corpse floating on a formaldehyde sea of free-flowing cash. It only looks alive because it’s moving.

That’s not to say that I really love Google. Their service is what keeps the web interesting and their services are quite generous and less intrusive. Overall, I’m very satisfied with what they do even if I could use more than the 2.8GB of mail storage they currently offer with GMail.

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