Wii Are Getting in Shape, PS3 Withers

Funny how the folks at Nintendo brought us back full circle from couch potato gamers to “virtual” exercisers. This is just the thing that Sony and it’s lackluster launch of PS3 doesn’t provide. Bringing exercise back into the living room with an added element of fun is sheer brilliance. Yet the initial reactions to the “revolutionary” new game controller was lukewarm at most.

Instead of persuading people to get out and exercise more, Wii brings exercise right to your couch. Now PS3 is trapped in that mediocre zone between XBox 360 (great visual effects at a reasonable the price) and Wii (more family fun also at a reasonable price). Lots of promises, little to deliver.

PS3 is a disaster by all accounts. Probably not unrelated to the train wreck that is Sony today. You can’t even buy a Nintendo DS or a Wii in Japan.

It’s going to be hard to knock XBox 360 in the world market with its focus on games and only games (especially with the Gears of War juggernaut) not some misguided bundling scheme to win the next generation DVD standards wars and Nintendo’s focus on good, clean fun.

At the end of the day, I think there is hope but Sony could always turn into the next Sega any day.

Wii Sports Experiment sheds nine pounds – Engadget

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