Why You Should be Writing a Link Blog

Writing a link blog is more than just killing time. It can do wonders for keeping your blog fresh and even exchanging links.

I see a lot of power bloggers out there on the net that maintain link blogs. I’m sure a lot of you have seen these blog entries that are nothing more than a collection of links with a short blurb.

Maybe it’s because I’m a feed junkie but I find a lot of news that I find interesting but just have no way to turn it into a full blog post without getting boring. How many of you have found something interesting and started writing something only to find out you pretty much said everything you want to say in one paragraph? Happens to me all the time.

With del.icio.us you can set it up to automatically post links at a pre-determined time everyday. You kill two birds with one stone by collecting links to your account and also making a blog post out of those bookmarks.

So here are some benefits of writing a link blog:

1. It helps you from drowning in information

Not only does it give you an outlet but all the links are collected at del.icio.us for future reference. It’ll be a good repository for future material.

2. Helps you maintain posting frequency

Ever feel like you’re having a “no news” day? Lots of stuff going on. Some of it interesting but not enough to write about? Link blogs prevent that from happening. Also, when you stop posting, the intervals keep getting longer. This will keep you in the habit and it’s easy to do.

3. Automatic link love

On WordPress, when you post these links they end up on other WordPress blogs as trackbacks. This is a great way to establish mutual links with each other and also lets the blog being linked that you’re paying attention to them. There’s no additional steps to make this happen, you get it for free by blogging your links.

In fact, some spammers do just that. I’ve noticed some odd incoming links and when I investigate it turns out that someone wrote a script or program that automatically collects interesting links it finds on the web.

You definitely don’t want to be classified as a spammer so here are some guidlines:

1. Be creative with the title and taglines.

Give it personality. Nobody wants to read a collection of plain links. Tell us what it’s about. Be brief but inject it with your own originality.

2. Be selective

Don’t just post anything and everything. Only stuff that’s really interesting or news to you. Otherwise your wasting your reader’s time and ruining your reputation.

In addition to all of the above, link blogs are great for giving you an idea of the person behind the blog. What kind of things matter to them. What news sources they subscribe to. It’ll give you a great insight.

A quick tip

I have separate del.icio.us account solely for my link blog. It keeps it neat and focused. I can reimport them to my main account whenever I want.

So, if you don’t already do a link blog, give it a try. You’ll find a great article showing you how to do it below.

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