Why Do You Blog?

I’ve been enjoying this recent foray into blogging.  I wrote a blog before this, posting on a daily basis but I lacked focus.  In fact, aside from this blog I have another one that’s become part of 9rules focused on programming (sadly neglected lately).

One thing I learned is that rather than write about anything and everything to write about a narrow topic.  It becomes that much easier to find readers.  Of course, there are blogs that do well even if it only consists of ramblings but those are blogs written by charismatic personalities.  Usually blogs with a narrow focus do best.

What’s your motivation for blogging?  Who do you want to read your blog?

If you have several diffent sides to your personality it wouldn’t hurt to create a couple blogs and focus on the most succsesful.

Even blots like TechCrunch have smaller blogs that focus on niche content.  It’s much better to narrow your focus and create loyal readers than a badly focused blog.