Weekend Gym Rat

Since starting work, I tried jogging in the morning but quickly realized that this wasn’t going to work after like one attempt. I had to wake up an hour earlier to make a hectic routine even more hectic. I always end up running to the train station anyways. The first ten minutes of my morning commute are punctuated by me dripping sweat profusely on a crowded Japanese subway. It’s no wonder the seat next to me is the last to go. I really need to wake up earlier.

So aside from calisthenics in the morning and night, the weekends are the only chance I have to catch up. That’s not enough to keep in good shape but perfectly fine by me if it’ll help me keep status quo.

I usually head over to the local gym with a liter of refrigerated filtered water in a sports bottle then pedal away on a stationary bike for a full hour. At the end of the routine I’m drenched in sweat and ready to waste all the calories I burned on a beer and stuff my face with food.

Today as I was pedaling away in my personal pool of sweat I saw some dude walk in. He had a white T-shirt, shaved head but no chains. He walked with a gangsta slouch and shot a mean look at me as he cruised by my bike (probably unintentional and just an intense gaze). He had a certain gait to his walk. He was also somewhere around 70 years old. Dude just walked right past the yoga mats and jumped straight onto the stairclimber without so much as a warmup. He just cranked out a 30 minute cardio routine, took a 5 minute break in front of the TV and then hopped on the bike next to me!

Dude was hardcore. I will say that he had the distinct smell of a sweaty old man but I smelt like someone splashed a bucket of piss on me so that was par for the course. He also seemed like a nice guy too. Wasn’t short of breath when I left after my routine. Now that’s a role model!