Wanted (the film)

Wanted is about an anxiety-ridden failure of an accountant, the every man Wesley Gibson played by James McAvoy, with his life completely out of control stuck in a dead end job and an unfulfilling relationship.  McAvoy does a great job portraying a highly wound up flunky.  His life suddenly takes a turn for the dramatic when he is initiated into a secret society of assassins carrying out pre-emptive hits to rid the world of evil.  It is a society his father was once a part of and the anxiety attacks are actually the side effects of high adrenaline which allows him to see fast moving objects in slow motion.

It has all the elements of a formula movie but McAvoy puts in quite an edgy and convincing performance and Angelina does a great job playing Angelina.  The thing that shocked me is how aged Angelina Jolie looked with her sunken cheeks and hallowed eyes.  Maybe it’s post-birth malnutrition or something but she needs to do something about that.  I think Brad Pitt and Angelina look a lot older since they’ve gotten together.  I tend to think of Mr. and Mrs. Smith as their prime (at least looking good as a couple).

The action sequences are nothing innovative, the typical slow motion close ups of bullets flying through the air and cars dancing in the sky as the usual mayhem unfolds.  The plot twist near the end was interesting.  All in all an entertainment flick.