Wanderlust and Emacs for Your Gmail Needs

Wanderlust is quite a nice IMAP client for Emacs. It’s pretty fast and does a great job of handling email. Unfortunately there isn’t much documentation and some of it is in Japanese. To get started you need to install Wanderlust and its dependent libraries. You’ll probably also need this version of ssl.el for sending email. For a mirror of the latest sources go here. Follow the instructions to install those in order.

Once you have those in place, checkout this sample setting for some defaults to get it working with gmail. Also, wanderlust will not show all your folders by default. You need a ”.folders” file to tell it what folders to show. The good thing about this is you can fine-tune the labels/folders you want to display and even create virtual folders (think saved search). Here’s a sample folder file. Notice that the ”%” denotes IMAP folders and ”!” are used for negative conditions.

You might want to study key bindings to get used to them (since they are not the typical ones you expect) or remap them.

For some reason the default sort order is ascending order. Use this setting for the usual (although you need to sort folders again after fetching with “S !Date”.

(add-to-list 'wl-summary-sort-specs 'rdate)

Here are some of the better articles on setting things up to help you out:

Customising Wanderlust

My Wanderlust setup

E-mail with Wanderlust

wanderlust tips and tricks

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Once you get it set up and working, it’s quite snappy after the initial download and the saved searches aka virtual folders are really nice because you get easy access to things such as “unread messages in an inbox meeting X conditions” or whatever you can dream of. After, you get yourself authenticated run the code below to store authentication credentials. You can flush them anytime.

M-x elmo-passwd-alist-save

Hope that’s enough to get you started.