Twitter Away: Capturing Attention in an ADD World

Just setting up my twitter. It’s like a collective SNS, tumblelog, chat room mashup kind of thing. The interesting thing about twitter is that by limiting your posts to 140 words, it keeps the medium fresh. It’s really interesting because with blogs you’re encourage to post longer chunks of content that engage your readers. I’m sure a lot of us have come across blogs that document every single minuscule detail of their lives, only to be worn down trying to glean anything even remotely entertaining from it. It’s the same complaint critics have against twitter but I think it’s different and has potential because:

  1. The networking component makes it a collective stream of consciousness for all participants
  2. It gives people an outlet to write their “me” blogs but with constraints

There’s really no fear of encountering writer’s block with Twitter. All you do is answer one question: “What are you doing?”. What’s more you can do it by registering the Twitter IM, any one of the desktop clients, or through your phone’s SMS.

One thing that could potentially kill Twitter is boredom. I think once people get bored of Twitter for one reason or another, the platform could die with it. Like anything it could be spammers, people stop updating their twitters, or a vicious cycle of everything.

Whatever the case, I’m having fun with it now by discovering a bunch of Twitter users and getting into it myself.

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