Twits and Such for 2009-03-07

  • Tries to Cover UP Article About iPhones in Japan #
  • My view of how iPhone is doing in Japan by Nobi (Nobuyuki Hayashi) #
  • Just bought tweetie. Now I can delete the other 5 Twitter iphone apps I was using #
  • the whole iphone devleoper program setup simply sucks #
  • @vernieman Twitterific with all due respect is more like gateway drug. Tweetie is crack, seriously but even twittelator was much better in reply to vernieman #
  • @Alpha_Computer representing Tokes aka Tokyo. in reply to Alpha_Computer #
  • @MPKassner yeah I’ve pretty much tried all the free iPhone Twitter clients but I needed something heavy duty in reply to MPKassner #
  • Time for exercise followed by steak and house cleaning #