Twits and Such for 2008-11-26

  • damn trains. #
  • gmail really screws up my iPhone address book by auto-adding contacts with reckless abandon. Please improve the addition logic. #
  • @godfoca could be a cool idea. #
  • @Maverick_NY @mstearne oh yeah, Plaxo was even worse. but why is contacts syncing synonymous with creating dupes and overwriting valid data #
  • @lizwebpage I’m protected by the Washington Treaty. #
  • @Maverick_NY Gmail just creates a boatload of dupes in my mac AddressBook. Mr. “my last name is ‘com’”. Just annoying. #
  • Didn’t take long for iPhone Pennies to become my favorite expense tracker not that I used one before #
  • time for those personal tasks #
  • Hurray for spare power cords #