Twits and Such for 2008-07-07

  • rain + trains = delays. good thing I come early like a good corporate drone. #
  • had to download a M$ software kit on a linux box via wget since they kept resetting my connection when doing it via IE7 on XP. how lame #
  • ate too much for lunch. All you can eat is not a good idea. #
  • looks like I wont be using the PocketPC emulator to mess with OpenGL ES after all… #
  • you don’t see how sweet the iPhone SDK is when you try to get OpenGL ES running on a WinXP machine #
  • got Visual C++ 2008 to build an OpenGL program. This should be good enough for getting used to API calls. #
  • dude’s profile pic reminded me of Prison Break. Nothing like shaved heads #