Twits and Such for 2008-06-04

  • alll those algorithms I never learned always come up at the darnest times #
  • wtf. Apple rumor, 10.6 on the way by the end of the year? since when was 10.5 finished? #
  • @Peety yeah, I wish I stayed Tiger some times. They should call 10.6 Spotted Leopard #
  • damn, SoftBank got the Japanese iPhone contract. To be sold “sometime this year” #
  • Softbank to sell (UMTS?) iPhone in Japan #
  • @endekks just posted the gizmodo link, it’s short on details #
  • what is Ruby on Rails coming to? #
  • haven’t done this much overtime in ages. Not a good sign #
  • @gf3 security and stability? You know Apple’s slipping when they turn it into a new release. Like a hooker celebrating a week of celibacy #