Twits and Such for 2008-05-09

  • I thought it was just the "going to work blues" or something psychosomatic, but I guess I really am sick… #
  • @Br3ndaBot maybe psycho but not somatic #
  • @lizwebpage thanks so much, counting down till 5 o’ clock #
  • my body’s starting to hurt all over in that typical pre-cold muscles sore kinda way if ya know whattai mean. #
  • heading home, battered and smashed. At least it’s Friday! #
  • @gf3 Which would those be? #
  • @lizwebpage that’s basically my review too! #
  • @gf3 those were next on my list… I think I’ll save those for a rainy bed-ridden day #
  • did the "go to sleep early, wake up early and go to sleep at 3:24 AM" thing #