Twits and Such for 2008-04-30

  • Gladiator is shaping up to be a good movie (if slightly depressing) #
  • everyone thanks for the thumbs up, I can now officially confirm that Gladiator was good. I liked Crowe in Yuma more though #
  • Came home on the last train, a dude in a suit was walking around covered in his own barf. Rinse and repeat… #
  • @lizwebpage haha, forgot to factor that in. What is it with these Aussie men? #
  • @sukosaki well, nobody including the dude would know the answer that. He was flickin chunks of dried puke off of himself though #
  • @yorudan but still an unforgettable year #
  • @spacevalkyrie he’s grown quite a bit as an actor since Gladiator. I remember seeing him in an unremarkable old Meg Ryan vehicle (when she #