Twits and Such for 2007-05-18

  • carbs help you think #
  • finally closed a bunch of tabs. wow, what an accomplishment #
  • @atmos I know I know. But let me bask in the moment. 😉 #
  • regular expressions look like a parallel universe at times. #
  • finally nailed it, it’s sad when you can’t understand the regex you wrote a couple months ago. #
  • my mac makes weird cracking sounds if I press shift+apple+z this is not cool! #
  • it’s official, my mac makes crackling sound when speakers are supposed to be turned off… sigh #
  • @et True, I see some awesome hackers getting by with the most basic regexes and I’m a newb. I wish there was more debugging feedback. #
  • I wish solving the rubik’s wasn’t such a random process for me. It’s like the stars have to be aligned right for me to solve it. #