Twits and Such for 2007-05-17

  • Wow, didn’t think Seth Godin would directly respond to a snide comment I made in a link blog… oops. #
  • Lots of heavy rain outside. #
  • Amazing heavy rain. Looks like a curtain of light. #
  • If lots of people left Twitter, we’d get rid of those LOLcats in our serverz. Looks like a win to me. #
  • Listening to soothing guitar from Andy McKee #
  • As long as the server problems are short-term, it’ll solidify the passionate Twitterers, solidify our foundation. #
  • I don’t even sift through my akismet spam. I just hit delete and pray for the best. #
  • I guess I’ll code another day. Time to sleep. #
  • @marshallk you should really try stumbleupon too. It’s a lovely source of more organic traffic. #