Twits and Such for 2007-05-02

  • I’m gonna really catch up on those unit tests I’ve been slacking on #
  • ah… no DIGG bury brigade tonight #
  • this is like the biggest Digg day since the iPhone… probably the first time Kevin & co get a taste of the rowdies. LOL #
  • @parislemon yeah, they sure know how to party. Just when I’m about to write them off. #
  • 44 Diggs in 12 minutes, none of them from digg friends. This is amazing. Spammers are climbing out of their holes as we speak! #
  • I’m sorry webomatica… #
  • @webomatica You need like 600+ diggs to hit the front page at this moment. #
  • keychain syncing, probably the only moment I’m glad to have a .mac (rip off) account #
  • today, I will really truly code like a stallion but first some breakfast… #