Tropic Thunder

Tropic Thunder is Ben Stiller comedy written and directed by the man about a bunch of hot shot Hollywood stars shooting a Vietnam War.  Everything that can go wrong does and the demanding financier of the movie (played by Tom Cruise) forces the actors to shoot the film in the live with handheld cameras and hidden cameras placed in the jungle.  What the actors think is an elaborate staging goes awry when they mistakenly end up in drug lord territory, realizing the stakes are real after it’s almost too late.

It was a typical comedy of the sort, a mix of a war film satire and a buddy film.  The actors really shine in unexpected places, especially their ability to act like they’re acting badly as third-rate actors.  I was also more than amused by Tom Cruise’s amazing portrayal as a scum-bag billionaire film financier.  The crunk dance he does at the end is priceless.