Time for a Digg Killer to Take Center Stage?

If there’s one thing I’ve been thinking a lot about lately it’s Digg. I’ve pretty much given up on the idea of raising awareness for Digg’s flaws because it’s now clear that not only do the rabid comment trolls and the bury brigade want to ruin the experience for everyone, but the Digg management doesn’t care either. Maybe they’ll miraculously start listening now that things are really starting to suck but I’ve rarely seen a site comeback from bad decisions like these.

I don’t want another Digg clone. That’s only going to get ridiculed and will fail miserably. However, I’m talking with some people about what we can do to take advantage of this opportunity. I’ve got a couple ideas that I think will not only differentiate it from other social news sites but maybe even capture new mindshare.

Just imagine for a minute: real revenue-sharing (at a fixed percentage and an unlimited upside) + a more dynamic and positive experience + some of the top users from Digg.

I think it could be a winning concept and it’s something waiting to happen. In the next couple of months I think you’re going to see some independents take a crack at it. In 6 months to a year maybe another big player will give it a shot and maybe even succeed. Remember Friendster before MySpace?

Either way, social media is destined to get bigger and Digg doesn’t own the space. They’re just the most visible. Even if the site doesn’t achieve greatness it should be able to get an audience big enough to be a viable business.

In fact, there are some top users warming up to the idea now that they’ve lost their motivation and are frankly disgusted with Digg lately. Why not create something that top users can share the credit from day one and grow with the site? Why not embrace competition and reward that financially? Turn it into a game where everybody wins.

There’s no need for users to be exclusive either. They can be a full member on whatever social media sites they choose to be a part of.

If you’re a top user on Digg and you’re interested in this idea get in touch through my contact form. It’s still an idea but we’re gradually forming a team. If we can get a couple people signed on we can make a bid and start submitting proposals to venture capital and really start pursuing it.

I need a custom header… » Digg is turning into a vortex of suck.