The Up and Coming Blogs

Now that everyone’s Google juice is stronger, I thought I’d do a little post and say thanks to all the people who’ve been a part of my community (in a wide sense) as well as give a shout out to blogs I enjoy but don’t interact with as much as I want to.

A little link love goes a long way since no blog lives in a vacuum. By being a part of the extended network we help each other help ourselves. At the end of this post I’ll talk briefly about some link building strategies to give your blog a good kick up the rear for a blazing start. If you’re on the fence or about to launch something or other, now’s a good time as ever to set aside a domain and putting some teaser content up.

The Plugg – Music and Entertainment Blog

What can I say? This is the Johnny Depp of entertainment blogs. Totally offbeat, quirky but still manages to be cool. It rarely covers anything tech but there is always a hint of that edge. Check it out for yourself.

Ramblings from the Marginalized

My comrade and partner in link whoring. I have soft spot for Ramblings because I feel that like my own blog it’s essentially a “hustling blog”, a blog that hustles to get noticed unlike some of the bigger names in the industry. Like any good hustling blog you’re always bound to find something interesting.


The is a good blog all around and I just love the domain Paris Lemon. There’s something intriguing about the combination. Lots of overlap with my tech interests like uh Apple and good finds like Letterman’s Top 10 George W. Bush Moments.

MathPoints: Latest Tech Buzz, Google Blogger Tips

MathPoints is an up and coming blog that I enjoy that covers interesting tech topics. He’s got a good eye for news. Just have a look at his link blog.

Okay, up to this point the list is more or less “Digg Alumni”. Surprisingly I’ve come into contact with a lot of these bloggers through Digg. I realize that Digg is far from dead but I was fortunate in coming into contact with these people at the time I did before things took a serious downturn.


Do I even need to explain who engtech is? Nah. Just have a visit and see for yourself. It covers everything from kittens to tech. Almost like a John Chow that doesn’t make money online.

Webomatica – tech, movies, music blog

When I first saw this blog, I thought the girl in the back seat featured prominently in the blog design was actually writing all the posts. Of course, I got suspicious after seeing so many Battlestar Galactica posts. Non Galactites or whatever you call the fans will find plenty of tech stuff to enjoy as well.

franticindustries – web 2.0, social networking, IT technology trends. Β»

Probably the biggest of the bunch in terms of traffic and readership but very much down to earth. I see this blog taking a prominent role if it keeps chugging away like it has. It’s like techcrunch with consistently good writing.

Peety Passion

This blog defies categorization of any kind. It’s wild, sexy, and way off beat. Just be sure to check it with your sunglasses on.


This is another blog that recently popped up on my radar out of nowhere. I have a soft spot for half-clothed women sporting macs.

Tasty Blog Snack

Oh, and while I’m on my sexy women mac bloggers binge, here’s another. You probably know her as the girl who took on for a day. Amazing how easy it is to find smart, hot women who are into macs in the blogosphere than in real life. Not that it has any bearings on your real life.

Now for Building Links…

Interact with the blogs around you

A lot of the blogs featured here are also on my blog roll. Google’s page rank is in a nutshell about who you link to and who links to you. There’s no need to be cheap about outgoing links. I pass them out like candy in my link blog.

Usually there’s some back and forth with comments after reading each other for a while. Sounds like a weird mating ritual. A lot of times the blogs you like will link to other blogs that also happen to be blogs you like or will like.

At some point you or the other end up adding a link to your blog roll and the other side reciprocates. This is a great way to share link love because both sides benefit (especially when interests overlap). You can even flat out ask for a link after you develop a rapport. Probably the quickest way to build up juice for when a Google pagerank update strikes.

Putting a Link on Your Social Network, etc.

A lot of people neglect to put a link to their blog or website on the profile page of whatever social network they use. Take twitter for example. You can easily add a link to your blog in the profile. It doesn’t have a lame “no follow” attribute (just yet) and they take care of adding links to other members in your network. Sure, it wont bring you loads of traffic but that’s not to purpose of link building. Link building is all about increasing your standing within the google search algorithm so that when opportunity strikes (you have a hot post on a hot topic), the search engines will give you added juice.

Submitting to Social News

Getting on Digg is hard and I mean really hard these days. However, submitting your stuff or getting submitted to social news sites usually comes with the door prize of good google juice.

Giving Away Software or Designs

A lot of open source developers and designers who give away wordpress templates and such easily get loads of link love. Probably the quickest way next to writing some seriously good content. It also takes a little talent.

Congratulations all around to my favorite blogs for finally getting some due recognition. Let’s see if traffic picks up a bit now that google shines a little brighter on us.