The Ultimate Remember The Milk Setup for Your Mac

Great things come to those that wait. I love using Remember the Milk for task management (also available at because it’s simple and easy to use while feature packed at the same time.

If you’re on the mac, it’s even sweeter. One of the many things I wanted was a quick way to post todos to my rmilk account using Quicksilver or some other unintrusive client that I could use like the terminal command line to quickly fire off tasks.

I’ve been using IMified’s messenger client to post tasks for the longest time which was a good solution but the downside was that you needed to keep IM open at all times for the occasional post while opening yourself to distractions from random friends. Not good for productivity.

You can of course email tasks to yourself directly from Quicksilver and though I email todos to myself all the time from my cell phone but it still doesn’t feel like the best solution when I’m at the desk.

I’ve always wished for some kind of Quicksilver integration and now with Twitter integration my wish came true.


Let’s cut to point to make it happen:
  • Put the script in ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions/
  • Restart Quicksilver

    (create the folder if there isn’t one)

  • Add RTM as your Twitter friend here

    Now you can Twitter and add tasks to your heart’s content!

    Just brink up Quicksilver, type “d rtm” (to send the twitter bot a direct message) and write your tasks.

    For bonus points check out the Remember the Milk Widget to access your task lists from the dashboard and checking tasks off.

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