The Rise of Review Sites

I see a lot of review sites popping up these days. It’s probably the next thing that comes to mind after vertical search engines. With the rise of social networks I think online reviews will get a new breath of life. The fact is, most of us will go around cruising random sites or blogs for a second opinion. This in itself is a valuable form of information but what a lot of people want are comparisons and an idea of how much they can “trust” the person making the review. The biggest problems with review sites come two fold:

  1. Aggregating enough reviews to give reviewers and incentive to contribute

    Nobody wants to write a review that no one reads. We all write our opinions in the hopes of influencing someone to action.

  2. Dealing with businesses and individuals trying to game reviews

    It’s ironic that a lot of times the success of getting a review service off the ground leads you to spammers, scammers, and gamers.

  3. Trying to keep users from getting overloaded with information

    The next step involves limiting information overload for reviews. Scrolling through pages of drivel gets tiring fast. People want a diversity of quality opinions but not be burdened by with spammish stuff. It doesn’t really matter if reviews are well-written as long as they are genuine and passionate.

    This is probably something along with vertical search that will continue to fill the gap or shall I say void of general purpose search.

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