The Real Skype Out: The Silence Heard World Around

It’s true as they say, you’re only as strong as your weakest point. Just look at Achilles. Without the cursed heel he’d be more a god than man. The great Skype outage of 2007 was amazing in that it was one of the rare major blackouts to hit Skype in all their phenomenal growth. The reason? A massive number of Windows updates happening at once.

I seem to have this curse that anytime I use a tool I rarely use, it goes out. I was extremely puzzled when Skype went out and almost blamed my mac and internet connection. Well, so much for that.

You rarely think of over-dependence on a dominant service like Skype until it gets yanked away from you. In fact, many people jumped over to check out the gizmo project as a result of the outage. It’s always nice to have a back up.

It really illustrates two things:

  1. Always maintain a solid track record for crises
  2. Always be ready for your competitor to trip

I’m sure a lot of people will forgive Skype and not think about this outage again for a while. However, it wont take much to refresh memories and after the second one people will start thinking Skype’s no good. Such a fickle consumer base. The internet gives us so many useful tools for free. Still, it amazes me how outraged people get over service quality for great products that are given to us for free. I guess it comes with the turf.

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