The Joys of Reading

Been using as much free time as possible to read. It’s not that I haven’t been reading anything these past couple of years. If anything I’ve been reading tons of blogs and postings of various sorts. However, it’s apparent that the words you see on a screen are not the same as the words your read on a printed page. Books are simply a different beast as you concentrate across the span of several hundred pages as a narrative unfolds across the span of either hours or days. It just uses a different part of your brain. I like reading outside my current profession, which is programming. History, literature, and sometimes a little marketing or business.

Of course, reading takes up a lot of time and concentration so I no longer have that much time to watch many movies but I can definitely feel my brain really getting engaged. The funny thing is that since taking up reading in earnest, I’ve been performing much better at programming. Although, programming also involved a lot of writing and reading of code, they are completely different fields. However, it does seem to provide a tangible benefit.

I might cut back a little on my weekend reading though so I can work on some more weekend projects and maybe brush up a bit on technical stuff. I also need to catch up with some TV.