The Italian Job

 The Italian Job was an entertaining remake or remix depending on how you see the original 1969 version.  It was an enjoyable Hollywood heist movie centred around a robbery gone sour after a backstabbing coward reneges on a heist and kills the father figure and mastermind of the group.  The stake is $35 million in gold bars stolen from some place in Italy.  Now the robbers want the money and they want revenge.

The betrayer is played by Edward Norton, who always does a nice job playing weasel types, now enjoying the good life in LA.  Mark enlists the dead mastermind’s daughter, the incredibly hot yet adorable Charlize Theron, to break Edward’s safe to reclaim what’s theirs.  The crew has the typical assortment of robbery specialists, the geek, explosives man, handsome conniver, mechanic, and other shady dudes.

It is a tired genre but one that continues to thrive for its pure entertainment value.  The major appeal of such a film is that it lets us get away from the reality around us where every move is "watched" and infractions are not allowed.  These modern day robin hoods make a farce of security systems and walk away with the prize.  Thieves with a golden heart tucked away somewhere.  Of course, you need to suspend your disbelief in epic proportions to imagine the city of LA would allow such elaborate set ups to go unnoticed by the police.

Charlize did a great job of playing a good citizen getting caught up in her father’s "profession" of lock-breaking not only for revenge but maybe as a way of getting to know the father who was either locked up somewhere or pulling off a heist in a far away land.