The Informant

Matt Damon is a fine actor. He always adds subtle touches to his portrayals. The Informant is no different. He let himself go physically to play a middle-aged executive that decides to blow the whistle on his company. Everything seems to be going well until the so-called “informant” gets caught up in his own web of deceit. It was a somewhat dark comedy but at the same time light-hearted. Matt was pretty funny and convincing as Mark Whitacre. The only failing of this movie is that it lacked punch. There weren’t any comedic highs, just an amusing portrayal of a corrupt company bureaucracy versus a federal bureaucracy. I thought the pacing was a bit off as well since a lot of the climax and twists happened near the end but there wasn’t enough suspense to expect anything like that during the first three quarters of the movie. Still, I found it entertaining and well-written. It’s a shame that subtle movies are simply under-appreciated because both the director and actors were on top of their craft.