The Indiana Jones Trilogy, Yeah I Said Trilogy

Since George Lucas and Steven Spielberg went against all better judgement to create the latest “so-called” Indiana Jones film, I had to go back and watch the trilogy.

The Indiana Jones trilogy is really remarkable in retrospect. You could even say it was perfect if George Lucas didn’t give into his propensity to go and ruin (or shall we say milk?) his legacy with half-baked continuations of stuff from his golden years. You have to wonder why a guy sits on his butt for a couple decades to suddenly start making prequels and sequels, meanwhile selling Pixar to Steve Jobs for $10 million.

Having said that, it doesn’t harm the Indiana Jones trilogy. No, not at all. The beauty of this series is how it mixes extraordinary adventure with the most ordinary character, Professor Jones. Throughout the movie you get the sense that Indy Jones is in over his head. Despite traveling the world and averting many a crisis, he still gets tricked and duped like a guileless babe, almost unaware of the realities around him in pursuit of archaeological treasures.

They couldn’t pick a better man than Harrison Ford to play the part. Ford essentially struck out as an actor after moving to Hollywood and was working as a professional, self-taught carpenter. He got his big break (starring in Star Wars) because George Lucas hired him to build cabinets.

The trilogy consists of Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981), Temple of Doom (1984), and Last Crusade (1989) which is remarkable when you consider that Ford is age 39, 42, and 47 in the films. The Las Crusade would have been a fitting finale too. Sean Connery played Indy’s father and River Phoenix played the young version of Indy. Would have been great if it ended there or at least if they made the 4th one in the early nineties. Somebody stop George.

Indiana Jones