The Icon: Bruce Lee

I was checking out a book on Bruce Lee’s martial arts legacy the other day and just couldn’t help but reflect and be inspired by the man. Although he died at a young age, he pursued martial arts with an intensity that couldn’t be matched by even serious masters at a young age.

He was the classic “warrior-philosopher” in the tradition of Miyamoto Musashi of the modern day and a rock star in the tradition of Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison, leaving a considerable legacy of promise and unfinished perfection. The pictures of him told an amazing story of the man, a body ripped to shreds; eyes that were painfully shy, intense, and expressive at the same time; physical fitness to utter perfection: one-thumb push-ups, impossible balance moves, and quickness.

He could be fierce as a tiger when striking an opponent while eerily cool and calm while absorbing an attack. His fighting form spoke volumes of a person obsessed with martial arts. Martial artists, bodybuilders, and athletes from all walks of life have felt his legacy. The abomination that is current Hollywood action flicks try to carry the torch with wire-action, stop-motion cameras, 360 degree panning, computer graphics, and other technological enhancements. Still, the more you chase Bruce Lee, the more you appreciate that he will never be surpassed or even replaced. His legacy is his.

I walked away from the book with lots of inspiration. I want to take physical fitness more seriously and also strive for something with more intensity, to make something mine and to leave it as a legacy.

Inspired in part by (I blatantly used the same video linked here): Paying Respects to Bruce Lee—The Original Mixed Martial Artist |