The Hunting Party

The Hunting Party is a film starring Richard Gere and Terence Howard about a washed up journalist and successful cameraman hunting for war criminal in Bosnia. Richard Gere plays Simon Hunt, a war correspondent addicted to war, covering conflicts from one country to the other with Duck, played by Terence Howard, his cameraman capturing every moment. Simon’s success comes to an end when he flips out on national TV while Duck gets promoted within the network. Now, quite a few years later, Simon has a hair-brained scheme to capture one of the war criminals still at large. Benjamin, is a budding journalist and the son of a network executive desperate to become a real journalist.

The opening moments of the film were really good, a journalist and his cameraman walking right through war, covering all the action. They are part of it yet detached. Not fighting but not exactly on the sidelines either, expertly dodging explosions, bullets and soldiers. They are high on adrenaline and loving every moment.

The film is a mix of adventure, thriller and dark comedy. I actually enjoyed this film a lot because it was light-hearted yet well put together. I think the main detractor of this piece is the fact that it doesn’t run with any single element enough or go deeper into the mind of Simon. It’s hard to find faults with the film as far as the package goes, I think it just lacked more comedy (something funny yet satirically stinging). Still, it’s a lot better than some of the other drivel I’ve seen recently.

The Hunting Party (2007 film)