The Brazil Reader

This book is a collection of contemporary documents and small pieces covering the expanse of Brazil, both its history and culture. We tend to see Brazil as an idealized melting pot of the races, a land filled with sun that moves to the rhythm of samba. Yet in reality there is crime, racial tension, an informal caste system based on color, displaced native Americans, and more. However, the reality is much more richer and the culture much more deeper than what we see in the annual coverage of samba carnivals or visions of the beaches stretching across Rio de Janiero. Brazil stands out for many things its relative size, ties to Portugal in a predominantly Spanish part of the hemisphere and many other things. The book mirrors Brazil in that it’s broad, expansive, diverse, and ultimately interesting.

I also need to stop writing like an armchair book connoisseur too. That’s what happens when you wait a couple days to review a book you finished reading.

The Brazil Reader: History, Culture, Politics (The Latin America Readers) by Duke University Press