The 24 Season 6 Leak and the Content Business

Looks like the 24 Season 6 DVD that was supposed to go on sale right after the official premiere on January 14 and 15 just hit the torrent circuit. It sort of makes you think.

Which is better, release it first on DVD or release it on iTunes and then follow it up with a DVD? I’m starting to think that if executed right, a system like iTunes is the way to go for releasing paid content first. The networks might as well as take advantage of an advanced, low-cost distribution infrastructure protected with a tight DRM.

The DVD or even CD manufacturing process is so leaky nowadays. In the time the data travels from to studios to the pressing factories, so much can go wrong and obviously lots of people are stealing the content somewhere along the way judging from all the albums being leaked in recent years.

Just having all this data laying around on hundreds of thousands if not millions of DVDs is not something I would do as an executive. I’d rather release it as DRM-protected data to customers that want it immediately and then following up with a physical disk for those that really want to own it. I’d even bundle a discount to people who originally bought it off of iTunes.

We really need to come up with a better model. Let’s not forget that these torrent leaks are not just copyright infringements but also a good indication of real demand for straight to digital products.

24 Season 6 Leaked on BitTorrent at TorrentFreak