StumbleUpon Adds Import

StumbleUpon is my new addiction. Just as vertical searches, social bookmarking, and all the other developments were getting a bit stale, a new startup comes along and shakes things up.

The great thing about StumbleUpon is that by adding a little toolbar to your browser you can inject a little randomness and excitement into your web surfing again.

Let’s face it. Google is the king of search but sometimes it gets too predictable. That’s how reliable it is and it makes the web a better place. Sometimes I find myself typing random searches for more random sites. Obviously this is the wrong approach.

StumbleUpon gives you back the joy of surfing by helping you discover something suited to your taste but random. By giving a site a thumb rating, you can fine tune the service to increase relevance or simply mix things up some more.

Now I discover today that they added a function to import bookmarks. Hope this doesn’t skew things in a bad direction.

The only other thing I’m worried about is their revenue model. The only thing you see from StumbleUpon is a relatively unobtrusive web browser plugin.

It’s one of those services you just have to suspend skepticism and try for yourself. I will warn you that it’s highly addictive and will bring you in touch with weird and wonderful sites you never knew existed.

StumbleUpon: Import

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