Something’s Missing…

It’s not something you can Google either. I was just wondering why some things on the web just don’t feel as exciting any more. I guess the sheer novelty of connecting to billions of strangers and finding the most esoteric of knowledge on the web just kinda wore off after a good decade.

I mean we all connect to the internet to find something, to research something or just pass the time looking like we are (admit it). Then you have your communication apps like IM and twitter (which is a nice cross between the two). I think search engines (in plural though there’s really only one) are the vending machines of information in that they kill off incentives to communicate. Mainly the motivation to ask.

When’s the last time you sought someone out to ask something non-personal? It happens often enough for technical stuff or really specialized information but the likelihood of asking something more general is probably quite low. In fact, you might even venture to ask someone something anonymously via email or posting a comment somewhere than ask somebody that you know has the answer.

Asking someone something is probably one of the building blocks of communication. There’s discussion, debate and even excitement as you explore ideas sparked by discussion. Yet now you have the web. At least in some circles.

This really doesn’t answer the original question of “Where’s the excitement?” though or does it?

It just struck me today that the reason that excitement is waning (at least to me it seems) because we are suspended in a mild state of boredom. This is probably what kills it. Just imagine you were locked up in a windowless and bare room with a pet of your choice (just so you don’t go insane) for a couple days and emerged into any of the following: a party, a movie theater, or just a regular supermarket. Suddenly, the world would erupt in blazing colors. Why? Because you were bored to death and deprived of any stimulation.

Pick Your Poison

There’s such a wide variety of stuff you can amuse yourself these days. None of them have to be all that exciting because you can make up for quality with volume (really, that’s how it works) like a bored couch potato flicking through channels. There are such an abundance of ideas and stuff floating out there that it takes something really interesting to spark people’s imagination. How can something feel new and exciting in this day and age?

One thing about contemporary life is that people are really bored but don’t fully realize that they are in fact bored. The paradox of abundance.

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