Something About The Game

The Game is a rapper that most people would easily want to write off. He was supposed to be a one hit wonder after Dr. Dre gave him the remaining best beats of his “In Da Club” era and an alliance with 50 “fiddy” Cent got the half-dollar marketing machine in full effect (50 makes up for lack of rap talent with his marketing skills). The Game’s flow is measured and bit too forced, not to mention the incessant name-dropping. Yet he’s ended up putting out three consistent albums of quality even after Dr. Dre washed his hands of him after feuding with G-Unit.
G-Unit tends to kick out anyone with talent be it Young Buck, Olivia, or The Game so I guess he’s alright. The thing I find myself liking about The Game’s lyrics is that even with all the name-dropping, gangsta cliches, and stuntin’ his voice resonates with a strange authenticity and even pain. His borderline creepy obsession with Dr. Dre as a man still seeking a father figure to his posturing feel like it’s real. His uneven flow kind of adds to that, like he’s really wringing thoughts out of his heart to put against a beat. There’s also a tinge of humor to his lyrics.
Either way, all three albums managed to be pretty good (completely avoiding the sophomore jinx) even as 50 and co. continue their nose dive. Good thing 50’s got cash from the Vitamin Water deal.

The Game (rapper)