So Close Yet So Far… iPhone 3G

I’m like a crack addict counting all the good things that kicking an addiction brings back to your life while drenched in sweat from head-to-toe, teeth clattering from the “shakes” and making paranoid peeks out my window as I write this.  It’s already a given that most people who buy any exciting new Apple product or iteration ends up feeling shafted in about a year because Apple usually comes out with something much better and shinier.  That is, unless you are a) rich or b) a tech reviewer or c) both (I’m looking at you, Engadget writers).

Now that the iPhone 3G finally debuts in Japan, I have trouble on my hands.   Frankly, I really don’t use my phone much being the shell of a human being that I know am, chained to my desk writing dime per pound of code.  Social interaction outside of inter-cubicle discourse just doesn’t happen as much as it used to.

Having said that, I’m still titillated by the possibilities of always stay connected since I’m damn well paying a weeks worth of wages in 3G data plans for the iPhone.  I’m even more titillated to the point of gigglies by the prospects of independent software development revenues via the wifi app store despite having no track record with mac development or really any independent development be it VisualBasic, logo, applescript or whatever.

To put it simply, there is nothing even remotely pressing about getting an iphone.  There are also the typical roadblocks such as “yeah, I already have a 16GB touch so I don’t need the iphone so I wont miss the phone calls that come around every month while watching movies or listening to music to fight loneliness”.

The most I’ll use an iphone for is web-surfing as I make my daily dreadful train commute.  It might be cool to play network-enhanced games from the wifi app store as I get jostled around while fighting for oxygen during rush hour amongst sweaty corporate drones.

So there’s not much there for me, aside from being “cool” and by “cool” I mean amongst other geeks and for a limited time only.  It’s a losing proposition that can only end with a dent in an already thin wallet pummelled by rising oil prices and sub-prime loans.  Ah gadgetry, the forbidden fruit of working stiff code monkeys.

If I haven’t said it already, I’ll say it again.  Games are the future for the iphone/ipod touch.  At least for those seriously seeking profit.  Why?  Because productivity apps and accessory apps for web services are a dime a dozen.  Everyday I see someone running with a cool idea for an iphone app that crossed my mind.  It’s obvious that people are eyeing the “gold rush/land grab” phase come July.  If someone makes an accessory app for a popular web service and tries to charge for it, what’s to say someone wont make one for free or the web service company make one themselves?

Plus, with any new gadget, people eventually get bored.  Games are an excellent way to keep iphone owners happy.  For solo entrepreneurs/small teams it’s also a great way to take a business idea and run with it.  I can imagine many experienced game developers, both individuals and companies, looking at this platform as a chance to either break in or take their market to the next level.

I’d really love to get a data-card-like ipod touch with wireless internet for say $20 a month.   Until then I’ll just wait for the next generation or for my current carrier to offer an iphone as well.