Sex and the City (film)

As a fan of the TV series, all I can say is that the film is bitter sweet. I was seriously disappointed in the first half of the film and actually stopped watching it to go to sleep, it didn’t feel worth staying up beyond late for. The movie picks up during the high drama point where the girls rally around Carrie in the time of her crisis. That was when the movie was the most emotional and poignant.

Watching the trailers I was annoyed by Jennifer Hudson getting a supporting role as Carrie’s assistant because it just seemed like a blatant power play to bring in “hot” talent to spice the movie up. The sad reality is Jennifer really spiced up the second half of the film with her presence, she brought fire to the performance that was oddly reminiscent of how I remember the original series when the girls were more vibrant and outgoing.

You could argue that the film was true to form in following the characters evolution but the 4 years following the show’s finale, unfortunately nothing’s changed. I felt like the entire film was trapped between the spirit of the original series and the reality that the characters were all settled down and approaching a more settled stage of their lives. The problem with the whole set up that made the series finale so brilliant was that the girls had shed their original hangups and inhibitions to approach a new stage in their lives. In sacrificing what made the TV series so attractive, they made a picture perfect ending. However, all that has to be undone when they try to pick up the ball with a big screen movie.

I’m sure age was a limiting factor for the cast, they can’t exactly move back into a prequel when the main cast looks visible older. They can’t pretend the TV finale didn’t happen. I just felt that in staying true to the plot’s continuity from the TV show, they sacrificed the spirit of what made Sex and the City what it was. It would have been much better if they trashed most of the elements that made the finale so gorgeous and shook it up a bit or introduced something more challenging.

Instead of a sequel, I wouldn’t mind seeing a reboot of the franchise starting with a new cast of girls, I think Jennifer Hudson’s part showed a lot of potential as the original concept of SATC is still strong and relative today because it’s about relationships before they find “the one”.

Sex and the City (film)