Program Day 3

Day three was relapse city. It all started well with the usual calisthenics and such. Of course, the harried morning meant no cardio (again), reminding me that I need to set morning priorities during the weekday as I really don’t have too much time before I have to make the dreaded commute. I do skip the bus ride to the nearest station for some walking, which is acceptable.

As usual, I had a modest lunch, a couple bite-sized snacks and salad at more or less hourly intervals. However, by the time I headed home I was tired, exhausted and looking for some escape. Of course, brilliant ideas come to me at moments like this so I decided to buy some Jack Daniels on the way home since it would surely have less carbs than beer so I ended up downing a small bottle (200 ml) while watching a movie and ended up eating a couple pieces of chocolate and grapes. Alcohol + oppression = triumphant release = regret.

So, I think I’ll just give up abstaining and go for moderation.

66.2kg 14.6%