Program Day 2

Temptations. Vices become all the more enticing when you can’t indulge in them. Don’t know if it was the heavy reading the night before but I couldn’t wake up and ended up sleeping in. No cardio as planned. Managed to sneak in a couple pull ups and squats before heading out to work. Drank copious amounts of water at home and work. Seems to be releasing me from water retention, at least I feel less bloated.

Lunch was the same kind of sandwich of a different variety. By 2PM I was desperate for food that I bought a little salad at the local convenience store and chewed on that VERY slowly to savor every moment. On the way home I drank some tea laced with Japanese potato wine and chewed on dried fish. It was a subdued moment of pleasure as I usually chomped on potato chips whilst drinking beer. Those were good times.

Did a couple more pull ups and other forms of exercise when I got home. Fell asleep on the train while trying to read though. Only day 2 of the journey. This is going to be rocky.

Body Weight 67.1kg 16.4% fat