Prison Break Season 2, Mid-Season Impressions

Never thought season 2 could hold it but I’m actually enjoying it more than season 1.  There’s way too many people dying every episode that I can’t possibly believe that this thing would not blow on a national scale but hey.  The two main studs of the show seem to be getting better as actors too.  To be honest, I really didn’t care for their acting in the first couple of episodes.  Linc nor Michael had any depth to their acting, it seemed really two dimensional but in this season their chemistry is better and they bring more emotions to the table.  Wentworth really does a good job.  It’s also funny to see how he reacts when things go wrong because now he has less control.

Prison Break’s strength is still the supporting cast.  I don’t know how they found such great actors but every one of these guys are good.  The Washington types are psychopathic smug bureaucrat pricks and totally believable, the crooks are crooks but with a really deep human side that comes through.

I want to hurry and run through season 2 so I don’t have to look out for spoilers.  I need to get up to speed.