Paris Hilton School of Publicity

I was just thinking about Paris Hilton as I usually do when my mind wanders after an intense session of blogging and reading. I’m a news junkie. What do junkies do when they realize their habit is killing them? Become a dealer of course! So, my motto is blog or die. Not a hard goal to miss because I’m guaranteed to achieve one of these two.

Now that I’ve started blogging in earnest, I’m adding feeds to my subscription list like a monkey. One thing I have in my feed reader is this folder of “junk feeds”. It’s everything from gratuitous eye candy to typical celebrity gossip. Just to get my mind off the news. Paris Hilton is a staple although she’s losing ground to Lindsay Lohan’s documented downward spiral and Britney “taco shot” pics. However, I would still venture to say that she’s the queen of Celebrity 2.0 and a great model for bloggers to learn from.

Here are some lessons we can learn from Paris.

Publicity for the Sake of Publicity

Paris has been characterized by many adjectives but the word “talent” isn’t one them unless it’s prefixed with “lack of” or “un” or some sexually derogatory term. Still, right now she’s the go-to-girl for train wrecked stars trying to get back into the public eye.

All of us came to know Paris Hilton in one way or another but I’ll be damned if anybody can remember how they first came to know her. Paris sightings are becoming an event in itself where she earns more than the President’s annual salary just to show up and be photographed somewhere.

Her biggest break came from a non-event of a TV show documenting Paris and friend Nicole experiencing normal life for the first time.

Of course, there has to be an element of allure. Young, blonde, beautiful, rich, heiress, and yet elevating sluttiness to a whole new level. You just can’t beat that.

All Publicity is Good Publicity

It’s a wonder that Paris isn’t a train wreck. She’s had her cell phone hacked and a private sex tape sold on the internet. Yet every scandal makes her stronger and richer while many of her peers fall by the wayside.

Always Stay Composed

One thing to her credit is despite all the heat she remains composed. So composed that she has the exact same expression on every photograph. One thing I’ve never seen is Paris really lose her temper or get in a squabble with the paparazzi. Maybe it’s because her whole livelihood depends on it but it’s still admirable considering the constant attention she gets.

Jack of All Trades, Master of Nothing

If we were to list all the things that Paris has done it read something like: model, singer, actress, designer, entrepreneur, and on and on. But we all know what her real job is: being Paris. That’s really the only thing she’s good at, yet it gets her noticed and it pays the bills nicely.

Of course, there are always the experts and masters of their art but that’s not for everybody. Not everyone has the talent or dedication to get there but I think we can all put a little something into a set of broad and somewhat related interests. As long as it’s an enticing mix with uniqueness, some people will at least enjoy it. There’s no need to be first class at one thing.

Always On the Move, Knows How to be Seen

Paris Hilton is always on the move. One day she’s entering a club in London another day she’s entering a club in LA. Everyday is one, big, scrolling photo op that never ends. She knows that the second she’s out of sight, she’ll be out of mind. She knows where to be seen and who to be seen with.

There are millions of women smarter, prettier, richer, and blonder than Paris but none of them compare. Next time you lament that your blog or whatever is not getting attention as yourself, “what would Paris do?”.

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