Paid Reviews, Keep it Real Yo!

Here’s another good illustration of why I think paid blog reviews are going to die out on their own. Basically, paid reviews are in a conundrum. If you pay bloggers to review, the big-time bloggers with an established audience are going to end up being harsher on you.

They say any publicity is good publicity but I’m not sure it applies to first impressions. The basic bind is this, if you’re going to pay for bloggers to review your service it better be damn good but if it’s that good, you probably don’t need to pay anybody.

To me even $5 is way too expensive to get a paid review, even from a minor league blogger. It doesn’t matter if they praise you like you’re the best thing since sliced bread because people smell a genuine passion or fondness of a product more from what’s left unsaid than said.

I’m not going to go on a tirade of the evils posed by paid reviews because essentially, I think it’s something the free market will take care of on it’s own.

It’s actually hilarious to see bloggers taking these monetization opportunities to publicly flog their so-called sponsors. It feels like an inside joke amongst bloggers. It’s such a pity because AdWords can be a much more effective and cheap advertising tool if executed properly.

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