Ordinary Life is Like… Trying to Break Out of Prison???

Been watching a lot of Prison Break, the first season.  That show is so addictive.  Also makes you think about losing your loved ones.  There’s really nothing like impending death to bring out the real emotions you have for others and yourself.  The drama has all the right ingredients.  A rag tag team of misfits along for the ride just for the chance to get out and taste freedom again.  As such you have pedophile psychopaths, old cons, mafia bosses, and the truly innocent all working on one team, under cover.  One genius throws away his entire life just for a chance to rescue his brother in the craziest of plots.  I love the balance between the thrilling prison escape antics and totally off the wall national conspiracy going in parallel.  Everything about the drama is unreal but the great parts are real enough to keep you gripped.

I think there’s also a big part of me rooting for the underdogs, the down-trodden.  It’s amazing how you can forget for a minute that in real life I wouldn’t want criminals trying to break out or even remotely succeeding yet in a drama, I’ll project my own plight with everyday drudgery and root for these people and feel for their pain.  Sometimes I feel like I’m doing the office version of prison break and I’m sure a lot of other fans do to.  You really need to keep your hopes high and really pull something extraordinary to escape.  I’ve also been thinking a lot about my family.

Other than that, the day to day hasn’t really been anything spectacular.  Just the same old drudgery.  I’ve been putting in a lot of hard work and gaining the rewards of it, at least personally.  Nothing like a little bit of stress and overwork to bring out your finer qualities.  The only thing grounding me right now is waking up at the same time every morning and regular exercise.  That and watching TV on these packed commuter trains. 

I also want to start playing go/baduk/weiqi (just putting them all out there so you know what I’m talking about) again.  I never got the chance to really get good at it.  Sort of shelved it a while back.  Started solving some go problems (something like chess puzzles) on the train the other day and it felt good.  Rigorous but good.  Programming doesn’t necessarily mean thinking hard all the time.  In fact, there’s a lot of routine no matter how much you try to dry up your code.  Only a small subset of the problems you deal with are really hard and most of that is coming up with a way to combine existing tools and algorithms.  Combine that with the fact that a lot of the work is freeform, meaning there is no single, fixed way to do it, you’re not necessarily firing all cylinders all the time, unless you’re doing research or something more cutting edge.

Oh well, I’m learning a lot and think I’ll be a bit more marketable before the year’s end.