Now With More Google Juice

Looks like the Google update has hit the web. This compliments the work of content creators everywhere quite nicely especially some of the newer blogs I’m in the company of. I lucked out with 5/10 which is more than decent for a personal blog without really anything particularly outstanding about it. I still have to hustle to maintain this rank.

Nice to see a bunch of people I link to often getting the recognition they deserve as well. In my experience, the benefits of page rank are mostly intangible for the common blogger but will give you added juice any time sporadic traffic kicks in as you’ll come up higher in search engine results.

I’ve seen quite a few websites that make small posts about anything and everything over the course of years and gradually acquire a large following and strong google fu. They make good money too. I doubt I’ll ever be able to afford more than a bag of chips from the money I make on this blog but oh well…