I basically saw Next because Steve said it was good. And it was. A bit shocking to read that it didn’t do too good in the box office. I think this one is more of a DVD type movie. Cage is a man that can see 2 minutes into his future. You might not think that’s much but you could guess the next hand at black jack or see if someone’s about to kill you. As Steve says, “Think of it as the computer Deep Blue living inside a person.” He can simulate all the possibilities ahead of him and choose but of course, the long-term consequences are rarely evident.

Maybe I’ve been spending way too much time struggling with “if, else” statements in my coding drone job but I found this movie entertaining just for that. You’d never think seeing the future would mean much for action but Cage can dodge bullets like Jet Li thanks to this ability.

I’ve been seeing a bunch of these films with memory and unusual abilities lately such as “50 First Dates”, “Ground Hog Day”, and “Jumper”. Maybe it’s my subconscious plea to escape the drudgery of my daily life but these films give me an escape not only watching film makers turn these interesting premises into viable stories but also contemplating notions of time, space and memory. One thing is obvious, I’d probably make a good Hollywood executive as long as I green-lighted projects I didn’t like.