NetNewsWire 3.0d46

I definitely want to thank Brent Simmons (the developer) for releasing NetNewsWire 3.0d46 (beta) and in the process releasing me from the living hell that was my life with NNW3.0d7 (which was really NNW2.1.1 with a new feed view that I couldn’t live without).

I have like feeds in the mid-1000s and I’ll basically add any feed if it has good content (a little personality goes a long way) and the previous version was crashing all the time because of the sheer number of feeds. Of course, I can’t cut down because I really want to stay on top of the news for the sake of this blog.

It was a nightmare. I had a hackish workaround where I set up a smart list that let me limit new items in batches of 90 (it crashes if there’s more than 100 in the combined view) and tackled it piece meal. It’s okay if I constantly read news and keep the count down but the mornings were really dragging me down. Read a little, crash, reboot, rinse and repeat was the mantra that sucked precious time out of my mornings.


Looks like he eliminated this problem by making the storage of news items more granular instead of one massive glob of data. The result is better scalability and performance.

On the interface side, we have thumbnails of open tabs to the right which is excellent and something that really helps me manage the stuff of interest. I can find pages I opened in a flash.

The only serious gripe I have are the icon buttons. I can’t figure out what they mean, can you? It’s like the control panel of an alien spaceship. I never liked the design of the old buttons and see this as divine punishment for being ungrateful.

Truth be told, the only thing that tethered me to NNW was syncing integration, since I like using NNW from two different locations. NewsFire, the other competitor, didn’t have it and the only other one that did was more or less a dead project.

Now, I’m glad I waited and have no intention of switching to any other. All I wish is that NNW would integrate some kind of automated updating mechanism like Sparkle so I don’t have to hunt for updates.

Brent Simmons has released the first public ‘sneak peak’ (note: it isn’t even a beta) of NetNewsWire 3.0, a much-anticipated new version of his immensely popular RSS client which NewsGator acquired in 2005. Brent has made a brief announcement on his blog, reminding everyone that there’s still a lot to do, but he also mentions he’ll be writing more in-depth about what has changed in the coming days.

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