Nacho Libre, a Sweet Disappointment

If I was to sum up the movie Nacho Libre in one word I would say “sweet disappointment”. If you go in expecting a typical Jack Black comedy, you’ll come away shaking your head. Nacho, the title character played by Jack is a Mexican monk moonlighting as a professional wrestler to battle his own inadequacies and raise extra funding at the monastery and orphanage he belongs to. He’s constantly put at a crossroads between his grand visions and reality, such as his feelings for the hot nun at his monastery and the reality that they will not break their vows of celibacy.

I think the film really fell under the weight of the director’s previous film “Napoleon Dynamite” which to me is a masterpiece. Nacho Libre tries to take it to a higher artistic level that it doesn’t quite reach. The laughs are mostly low key with some crude humor thrown in. Some of the scenery is quite gorgeous and the laid back tone of the film isn’t exactly bad but I think there’s a wide divide between what the film makers were trying to achieve artistically and what the audience walked away with. It kind of felt like a bastardized take on Ozu Yasujiro. I actually, found it kind of refreshing and relaxing but I have trouble calling it a comedy.

Nacho Libre