MyBlogLog: Take Control of Your Blog’s Audience

MyBlogLog is a wonderful service that gives independent bloggers a readily accessible social networking and community functions through stats tracking.

Boy was I late to this party. To be honest I really didn’t care for the widgets I saw on the web. That had to be the one thing that turned me off from trying MyBlogLog myself. That and the hassle of getting it set up on my blog. Now that I’ve found a way to make the sidebar widget not suck on WordPress, everything’s gold.

Social Networking for Bloggers

The great thing about MyBlogLog is that it puts a face on your readers. Since it’s mainly a service geared at people who run their own blogs, chances are the faces captured by the widget are also bloggers as well. The widget serves as both a dynamic guest book and blog roll. Zero maintenance solutions like this are exactly what I need.

What casual visitors aren’t aware of is when you go into MyBlogLog, you get a free community revolving around your readers and a way to get in touch with them. It’s pretty fun to cruise around contacts and communities in a stream-of-consciousness free association. It also makes visiting other blogs with the widget fun because you get to leave an impression of your avatar on your favorite blogs even for a big RSS reader fan like me.

Reach Out to Readers without Reaching Their Mailbox

The possibilities of MyBlogLog just blow me away. It could become the best way to find passionate readers that are engaged in the same craft and maintain these relationships in a very convenient way.

Just putting a face on the blogger behind the curtain and giving users the power to get in touch without sacrificing privacy should be a big draw.

Before, growing you own community was something reserved for the bigger bloggers and came with its own overhead. This is a major step in leveling that particular playing field.

Log Analysis

Since it’s essentially a referral tracker via cookies and javascript you also get the additional bonus of site statistics. The thing I like about this is the stats package give you a look at the raw URLs coming and going. It also tells you what size ads are getting clicked. I use GoogleAnalytics but to be honest it’s always been rubbish. The maps and pie charts are cool but navigating the more specific data is always a nightmare.

With MyBlogLog I get the raw URLs going in and out that works just great for me and gives me a better idea of what’s going on.

Drawbacks and Concerns

It does have its drawbacks though. These can be summarized in three words: performance, spam, and privacy.


Some parts of the site feel a bit slow on loading, especially adding contacts or visiting communities. Also, the widget is known to peter out at times, bringing your blog to a screeching halt (not cool for a sidebar widget).


Also, the service is still getting off to a start so there really aren’t any safeguards against spam and I think this has perked the interest of some unscrupulous marketers. I already see a couple suspicious accounts and creating some kind of bot that that leaves footprints on various blogs is probably in the works or being used as we speak.


There are also some privacy concerns because you leave your mug on any blog you visit regardless of the blog’s subject matter. If you accidentally click or visit a porn blog with MyBlogLog you can only wait and pray until it goes away. This also raises the issue of privacy in some cases. I’m sure the ramifications of leaving footprints on all the blogs you visit will make some paranoid as the service grows.

I think an adult filter would be needed at some point.

All in all I’m satisfied and now that it’s a part of Yahoo! it can only get better. Yahoo! probably has the best track record for growing their startups and improving them more than any other major corporation.


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