My iPod Touch Wishes

I really love my iPod touch. I feel like I’m getting a bit bored with the watch a movie on a train bit and kind of have the yearning to read a good book but then by Friday I’m a zombie and watching a movie is about all I’m good for. If and when the iPhone comes to Japan I just might get one because wi-fi is scarce.

Anyways, I have some wishes for the iPod touch that would arguably make it a better experience for all.

Wireless iTunes Syncing

One of the reasons the iPod Touch is so over-priced is the built-in wifi. This is great because it’ll seamlessly connect to any wifi available. With the MacBook Air they take it further and lost the DVD drive. So with everything in “the air” as their marketing people put it, why not put everything about the Touch in the air as well? I usually have my iPod Touch plugged into a wall charger by my bedside. I keep it close to check the email and what not. It’s one of the things I love about it.

Still, when I need to refresh the music and movies on the iPod, I need to go over to my MacBook and physically plug it in to get my latest stuff synchronized. This sucks because the wireless is right there. It’s like that dude you always see on the commuter train. You see each other and recognize each other but don’t talk to each other. For two strangers, that’s acceptable but these guys are supposed to be family members of one big, happy mac family. Save me the trouble of plugging this thing in.

A Better Dock

These devices have been around a while and have gone through some revolutionary changes as witnessed by the Touch. Yet one thing hasn’t changed since these things stopped using firewires, the docking scheme. One thing that mobile phones do a nice job of is the dock. They make it easy to just drop that thing into the slot and yank it right out. That little dock protuberance looks really breakable and hard to slide it right. I’m always afraid that one of these days I’ll break the damn thing off when I put it in. My phone on the other hand I can put in it’s dock in the middle of the night when I’m drunk and still get it aligned right.

Better Space Management

One thing I hate about juggling a mere 16GB of freespace is how if you set the iPod to sync “all unseen movies” and you exceed capacity, all syncing comes to a halt. Of course, my work around is to create a special smart playing list of up to 14GB of unseen movies but that’s really an un-necessary hack, same with music or pictures. The default scheme doesn’t allow you to set maximum sizes to sync within. It seems absurd that we’re given limited capacity yet the syncing by default is “all or nothing”.

I wonder what the next generation holds for the iPod Touch. Hopefully, they wont try to sell us upgrades every step of the way. I also hope that they will work out a more liberal arrangement for installing third-party apps and give open source developers a better way to contribute than charging them $99 for entrance.