MTV News Comes to Its Senses with Cleaner Design and RSS Feeds

Seems like MTV News is finally starting to understand what’s needed to provide internet friendly content. When they weren’t hanging onto a design from the mid-90s they went Flash heavy which was good for video content but even for text. It was an absolute nightmare to navigate the site. An RSS feed was out of the question (before it went Flash, there were a couple homespun feeds on and off). Not only that but the design was all black with light text. Although some people like this it’s not the norm for presenting news.


Now they’ve limited the Flash and use regular text for the news and even provide a partial feed through Feedburner. If you consider that a site like MTV has a meagre Alexa ranking of 1115 (though Alexa’s value is suspect) you’ll understand how much opportunities they’ve been throwing away.

I hardly check the site so I don’t even know how long this new design has been in place.

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